Your story is unique, your care should be too

Sabino Recovery is a small community that creates a unique environment by individualizing care for each and every one of our residents.

Love through trauma and fear

The staff here at Sabino Recovery are remarkable in their clinical savvy and the way they love residents through their trauma and fear. They create a calm, safe and healing environment.

Love and Compassion

Nursing Director, Cassandra Dick talks about the love, compassion, and skills of the staff.

To give what I have been given

CEO Thomas Isbell gives his personal account on the journey of sobriety and explains how Sabino Recovery accomplishes the goal of giving that same success to others.

Why Sabino Recovery is so special

Clinical Director, Peggy Holt talks about the staff, environment, a wide variety of modalities and the way we work with residents to customize their healing makes this a special place.

Meet Watson the Golden Retriever

Meet Watson the Golden Retriever, the most popular "person" at Sabino Recovery, best listener and in contention for the best therapist. He is ready to offer unconditional love to everyone on campus.

How trauma and addiction affect health

Dr. Dawn Bantel, Medical Director at Sabino Recovery discusses how trauma and addiction affect one's health.

The healing power of horses - Peggy Holt, Clinical Director

No one loves horse more than our Clinical Director, Peggy Holt. In this video, she describes the healing power of horses.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Dr. Bantel explains how using both Naturopathic and Allopathic, or Western Medicine allows for a comprehensive "whole person" approach to health and can help our residents resolve pain, insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues and more.

Neurotherapy at Sabino Recovery

Nuerotherapist at Sabino Recovery, Andrea Copland, discusses how Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback can be a powerful tool to diagnose and treat mental health issues.

Family Program at Sabino Recovery

Robin Memel-Fox, Family Therapist discusses the family program at Sabino Recovery and its significance for healing the family.

Modalities and therapies at Sabino Recovery

CEO Thomas Isbell talks about the variety of modalities and integratives available at Sabino Recovery, including neurofeedback, EMDR, Brain Mapping, and more.

Dr. Bantel - Naturopathic Approach to health at Sabino Recovery

Dr. Bantel discusses how Sabino Recovery ensures that resident health is approached comprehensively with a focus on every aspect of their lives including; lifestyle, pain experience, exercise, health history, and diet. Many times, residents report it was the first time they have ever "felt heard."