Private Individualized Treatment for Addiction and Trauma

Sabino Recovery

Residential Treatment for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Trauma

At Sabino Recovery's residential treatment program you will find a place of great emotional safety – safety to work on trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and any other maladaptive coping mechanisms that have held you in it's grip.

Our healing environment is shaped by the professionalism and caring of our empathetic and experienced staff, and sustained by the absolute and complete focus on the needs of our residents. We are passionate about delivering evidenced based clinical therapies in the highest ethical environment for each individual's healing and recovery.

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Circular patch of grass with someone doing yoga in the middle
Yoga is one of the many integrative therapies enhanced by the serene quiet of the desert surrounding our campus.

What We Treat

Our Mission

We comprehensively treat trauma and addictions with an engaged and highly trained staff, resulting in an effective therapeutic alliance. We optimize healing by empowering our residents to make positive changes and by providing holistic, integrated, and strength-based treatments.

Our Purpose

The soul of Sabino Recovery is our dedicated and compassionate staff. We are committed to providing a place of trust and safety for the restoration of hope and healing of our residents. At our core, we are accountable to our higher power, ourselves, our community, and our mission.

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For Families

Family Program — Reconnecting with Loved Ones

At Sabino Recovery we understand that lasting recovery for our residents depends on the involvement of those closest to them.

We invite each resident and their families to participate in our Family Program – a three-day, experiential program designed to reconnect you with your loved one.

We understand that...

Together We Will...


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We know that high quality, effective, trauma and addiction treatment cannot be improvised.

We craft a targeted individualized treatment plan for you only after thoroughly assessing and understanding the ways that alcohol and drug addiction and trauma may have impacted you.

Your story is unique, your care should be too

Thomas Isbell, CEO, discusses what makes Sabino unique. He highlights how our dedicated and professional staff help facilitate sustainable growth and change during your recovery process.

Latest Articles

Weekly Recovery Tip #1, by Shara Turner, LPC, MSC, NCC, Eagala

There’s been a lot of discussion out there about ways to stay connected in this difficult time. We’ve decided to offer a weekly recovery tip to those of you trying to navigate this ambiguous time in your recovery. When we talk about recovery at Sabino, it’s not just recovery from drugs and alcohol; we’re also referring to recovery from any type of trauma and/or those maladaptive coping mechanisms that might have ensued.

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A Message from Our Admissions Director, by Ryan Young

At Sabino Recovery, we just wanted to check in on everyone amidst all this craziness with COVID-19. We want to let you know that we’re here, and we’re open. We are taking new residents, and we want to encourage you to not let everything you’re seeing through news outlets and social media deter you from coming in and getting the help that you need.

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