How former resident made the decision on where to seek treatment

Former resident Shelley shares some of the reasons she chose Sabino Recovery for the treatment of trauma and alcoholism. She speaks about how therapy, such as EMDR, was so beneficial and even some of the treatments that really surprised her, such as equine therapy, the challenge course, and yoga. In her opinion, the amazing staff at Sabino Recovery made her experience more than she could have ever hoped for.

"This is the right place for you"

Former resident Colleen shares why she believes that if you are suffering from depression, trauma, or addictions that this is the right place for you.

Michaela and life goals after Sabino

Former Resident Michaela talks about her experience at Sabino Recovery and the positive ways it has impacted her life.

It was everything I expected and more

Former Resident Michaela talks about her experience at Sabino Recovery and the positive ways it has impacted her life.

The importance of community at Sabino Recovery

At Sabino Recovery our staff and residents come together to form a safe and caring community. Former resident Kelly talks about her thoughts on Sabino Recovery's screening process and the importance of community

Financial fears about the cost of treatment

At Sabino Recovery we understand that finances can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to find the right treatment fit. Former resident Kelly explains her experience with finances at Sabino.

Staff responsiveness, professionalism and loving-kindness

Kelly speaks about her comfort with being listened to as well as being clinically challenged while healing through the professionalism and loving-kindness of the staff.

Personal Recovery - It's never too late

Former resident Kelly reminds us that it's never to late to change your life and talks about the healing she found at Sabino Recovery.

Michaela spakes about her biggest fear - cost of treatment

Former Resident Michela talks about her initial fear of the price for treatment but explains how Sabino was worth the cost.

Transitioning home after Sabino Recovery

Nicki discusses her experience of returning home after treatment and the process of transitioning back into her life with the tools and skills learned from Sabino Recovery.

What would you tell someone thinking about treatment?

As an alumni, Nicki gives her advice to those with questions about treatment and explains how hard work and commitment at Sabino Recovery can help those people reclaim their lives.

Michaela's favorite treatment modalities

Michaela talks about two of her favorite modalities offered at Sabino Recovery that helped with her trauma healing; Somatic Experiencing and Craniosacral.

Former resident Kelly on making the decision

Former resident Kelly talks about how she made the decision to come to Sabino Recovery and her positive experience meeting the staff when she arrived.

I am in charge of my life now

Resident Michaela talks about her life before and after treatment at Sabino Recovery and the coping mechanisms she learned.

Nicki on treatment modalities

Former Resident Nicki discusses which treatment modalities worked for her at Sabino Recovery, including her positive experiences with EMDR and Massage Therapy.

Depression is enough of a reason to seek treatment

When former resident Colleen was looking for treatment, she wanted to find a center that not only worked with her trauma, but also her debilitating depression. Colleen encourages everyone who suffers from depression to seek treatment -- depression is enough of a reason.

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