Treating Trauma and Addictions

The flagship of Sabino Recovery is our 35-day residential program which provides 24/7 medical and emotional support.  Our program is designed to address not only trauma but anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addictions. We address the root trauma early in treatment and support you with a dedicated and experienced staff who create physical and emotional safety through empathetic, compassionate, and consistent treatment. This, in combination with our carefully selected psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and somatic therapies builds the new neural pathways that strengthen healthy self-perception, behavior, connection and support true recovery.

Our residential treatment program will allow you to step away from your everyday life to focus solely on healing and recovery. This 24/7 care is important for those whose lives are unmanageable due to the symptoms of trauma as well as the complete hijacking of a life that occurs with addictions.

Comprehensive Treatment

Your past, your present, and your future are all equally important to your recovery and hold the keys to unlocking resources and abilities you may have forgotten you have.

The effects of traumaalcoholism, and addiction are complex and play out in different ways for different people. Our approach balances accurate assessment and diagnosis with sophisticated treatment and careful discharge planning.

Exceptionally Supportive Staff

Our staff are carefully selected, have a wealth of experience, and are remarkably devoted to our residents. They are chosen not only for their experience and skill but also for possessing a great deal of empathy and compassion, resulting in an exceptional environment for the healing of our residents. It is because of this careful selection process that we’ve created a remarkable environment of mutuality, kindness, and safety. In fact, most residents tell us they have never felt so safe – that safety is essential to do the work required for their recovery.

Optimal Individualization

Treatment plans are developed around your very specific needs. There are no “treatment tracks” which means that your treatment plan is developed after you arrive. Progress is closely monitored and the multi-disciplinary team makes real-time adjustments to your treatment plan.