Residential inpatient facility

Treating Trauma and Addictions through Trauma-Informed Practices

Sabino Recovery is a residential program that provides 24/7 physical, mental, and emotional support. Our residential trauma treatment program is designed to address every aspect of trauma. Many mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addictions stem from unresolved trauma. We address the root trauma early in treatment as our dedicated and experienced staff supports your physical and emotional safety.

We provide holistic treatment through empathetic, compassionate, and consistent care. Our goal is to help you build new neural pathways that strengthen healthy self-perception, change behavior, and provide connection. We support true recovery through our carefully selected psychotherapeutic, psychiatric, and somatic therapies.

Our residential trauma treatment program will allow you to step away from your everyday life to focus on healing and recovery. This 24/7 care is important when your life has become unmanageable due to the symptoms of trauma and the debilitating effects of addiction.

Comprehensive Treatment

The effects of trauma, alcoholism, and addiction are complex and manifest in different ways. Our trauma-centered approach balances accurate assessment and diagnosis with sophisticated treatment and careful discharge planning. After-care is an important aspect of any treatment plan. After working through trauma and developing healthy coping tools, it’s important for every resident to feel equipped to re-enter and continue their lives with confidence.

Exceptionally Supportive Staff

Our staff is carefully selected, experienced, and remarkably devoted to our residents. They are chosen not only for their education and skill but also for their empathy and compassion. The result is an exceptional healing environment built on mutual respect, kindness, and safety. Most residents tell us they have never felt so safe which is essential for long-term recovery from trauma and addiction.

Individualized Care 

Treatment plans are developed around each resident’s specific needs. There are no “treatment tracks” which means that your treatment plan is developed after you arrive. Progress is closely monitored and our multi-disciplinary team makes real-time adjustments throughout your stay. All of our staff are well-versed in trauma-informed residential treatment practices. We respect each individual’s choices and autonomy when it comes to choosing the right treatment regimen. Individual collaboration with each resident is what makes our program so unique and successful. We believe that one of the reasons our program is so successful is that we respect and collaborate with each resident.