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From the nationally syndicated The Doctors Show – Man shot at 15 times gets help for his PTSD

BE SURE TO VIEW BOTH VIDEOS ON THIS LINK. In the first of a two-part series, The Doctors talk to Michael O’Keefe and wife Sharon. Michael was a victim of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Robbery. The shootout took a huge toll on Michael who survived, while two others lost their lives. For the last year, Michael and his wife Sharon have been fighting to get him the help he deserved. We are so grateful to be a part of their story.

The first video tells Michael and Sharon’s story, the second video is from the show and also features CEO Thomas Isbell and Co-founder Pat Manley
The Doctors | March 2017


Investigator update on Midstate man traumatized by Turnpike robbery

ABC-27 News affiliate in Harrisburg PA does a follow-up story on Michael and Sharon O’Keefe and their search for help for Michael after being the victim of a robbery where he was shot at 15 times. Since the shooting, Michael suffered debilitating PTSD.
ABC | March 2017


Concerns over children witnessing traumatic events

Sabino Recovery’s Family Therapist Robin Memel-Fox speaks to the ABC affiliate about the short and long-term effects of witnessing a traumatic event. This segment is a follow-up to a tragic domestic violence event.
ABC | March 2017


Social Media causing you to be depressed? 

KGUN TV News, Tucson’s ABC affiliate produced a news segment about social media and its relation to anxiety and depression. Reporter Jennifer Martinez interviews our Clinical Director, Peggy Holt, LPC about this phenomenon and how to identify when social media becomes unhealthy. | February


At Sabino Recovery, sleep clinic plays central role in holistic approach to healing addiction, trauma

Sabino Recovery views sleep as necessary to treating the whole person and it provides an opportunity to improve the experience of recovery since individuals commonly experience sleep issues during the early stages.
Sleep Review | February 15, 2016


Healing horses prove valuable companions in recovery

Great news segment about the healing role that horses provide for those recovering from trauma, PTSD, depression and the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction at Sabino Recovery. | January 27, 2016


Local rehabilitation center treats PTSD with American flag traditions

Veteran residents suffering from PTSD support each other through the tradition and respect of daily flag rituals, and in the process that tradition also changed the entire staff. | January 21, 2016


Tucson center prioritizes monitoring of patients’ sleep patterns

Sleep is difficult, if not impossible for those suffering from addiction and trauma. Sleep Review’s article explores how Sabino Recovery views the importance of treating sleep as part of our integrative approach to recovery.
Addiction Professional | January 12, 2016

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