Eating disorders and disordered eating are often rooted in trauma. They are considered maladaptive behaviors that usually develop in childhood as a way to cope. Behaviors, beliefs and thoughts around eating may meet criteria for an eating disorder diagnosis such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder. At times, people may have eating behaviors that don’t meet the criteria for an eating disorder diagnosis, however the eating patterns may be considered disordered. An example would be a person that frequently overeats when under stress but doesn’t engage enough to be diagnosed with binge eating disorder. Another example may be someone that is very focused on body image and eats a restricted range of foods, but does not meet full criteria for a diagnosis of anorexia.

Why is Our Eating Disorder Treatment Program Right for You?

Prior to treatment, every potential resident is screened to ensure safety can be maintained while at
Sabino Recovery. Upon admission, residents receive an integrative medical and psychiatric evaluation that drives treatment planning. For those residents with a diagnosed eating disorder, a nutritional assessment and regular appointments are included in the program. Each plan is customized to provide support for the individual’s unique needs. Residents are educated about healthy lifestyle, encouraged to challenge engrained behaviors, and supported in their recovery. We offer meal time support, and after meal monitoring consistently throughout treatment for those clinically indicated.

Sabino Recovery’s team is highly experienced in this field. Our Physician’s assistant has a degree in dietetics and is well versed in intuitive eating and nutritional consultation. Our clinical outreach specialist has over 7 years’ experience working with this specific population, and collaborates with the clinical team utilizing her background in nutrition and dietetics. Our registered dietitian has over 30 years in the field of eating disorders and trains dietitians in the treatment of eating disorders. Our Lead BHT (behavioral health technician) has over 20 years of experience working in eating disorder treatment centers, and our neurotherapist began her career working exclusively with this population.

At Sabino Recovery we not only treat the symptoms and behaviors associated with disordered eating, we also address the root trauma that perpetuates the cycle.