What the Chef Knows

I have personally witnessed a big difference in the population here versus the last rehab center where I worked for 6 years. As the chef, I try to stay clear of getting into the personal stories of our residents, but I have noticed a massive shift in the narrative of the residents; It is a shift of view from “I have done bad things which I must not do in the future” to a viewpoint of accepting that they are still human beings that deserve to love themselves in spite of what they’ve been through. I have seen many desperate residents with low expectations from treatment because they’ve been in the treatment mill for so long transform before my eyes into the people they once were or want to become. I see the hope we give people for their future. The support they feel from every staff member at SR (from their primary therapist to the BHPPs to the cooks to the accounting department) sets them up for success and gives them the power to transform themselves.

In short, we treat the residents as humans deserving compassion because rather than simply being labeled addicts or depressed, we see them as survivors of trauma. With that mindset, we earn the trust to treat their deepest, darkest pain. The easing of that pain has been visually evident in every resident that I’ve seen at Sabino Recovery.

And I know for an indisputable fact that we have the best food in the industry because we make everything with love from scratch. I have heard this time and again from the residents, and I have seen firsthand what else is out there in the industry. We serve healthy comfort food and don’t harp on about calories because residents are working on big issues and don’t need to hear about another obstacle to their recovery. This is just another way Sabino Recovery focuses on the seeing the residents as people rather than seeing them as a list of problems that need fixing.

I am proud of the work we do at Sabino Recovery and proud to be a part of the team.