Circular patch of grass with someone doing yoga in the middle

What I want to talk about today can be a difficult concept for people to hear and practice. I heard this quote over the weekend, and it resonated with me. It stated, “Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.”

Part of healing lies in forgiveness. There’s an adage that has always been very dear to me and it states, “Resentment is like letting other people live rent free in your head.” Forgiveness is not about other people. It is a gift you give yourself by releasing the grip of anger, resentment and regret from your body, heart and mind. It allows you to move forward in a positive fashion, and not hang on to all the bad things that have happened in the past. We learn from them, we process them, and we move forward. If we don’t, then all those people in our past that have wronged us in our mind  win.

The only thing that we truly have power over is this moment and starting from this place, and moving forward is where that power is. Practice forgiveness every day. And not just forgiveness for others, forgiveness for yourself. For things you wish you could take back, things you wish you didn’t do, or bad decisions that have brought you to this point. All those decisions brought you to this point, so pay gratitude for where you’re at, forgive yourself for where you were and move forward in a positive fashion. Take some time this week to think about people you can forgive.