Designed to comprehensively treat trauma.

Staying true to our original vision, Sabino Recovery seeks to treat those who suffer from the effects of trauma. We know there are far too few programs that are completely focused on resolving the core damage that can make life unbearable for those who have suffered childhood or adult trauma.

The process begins with understanding the health of each resident’s mind, body, and spirit when they arrive. Next, we build a recovery program specific to the needs of each client. This leads to the practice of several effective therapy methods including equine, psychotherapeutic, and integrative. We also utilize the neuroscientific approach designed to “rewire the brain” known as neuroplasticity, which sets us apart from other rehabilitation facilities in the Southwest. Our highly qualified staff has the necessary tools and experience to help you achieve your goals during your stay

You are not alone.

We have built a community of unconditional acceptance. We believe that only when kindness, safety, and science come together can you experience real change – and that’s why Sabino Recovery is the best option for anyone seeking a tangible transformation.


  • A 35-day residential treatment program for trauma and the behavioral health issues that are often born out of traumatic events such as addictions, PTSD, anxiety and depression
  • Nurturing staff of carefully selected, highly credentialed, licensed individuals
  • Variety of financial plans to aid with paying for treatment
  • Wide range of psychotherapeutic, holistic, naturopathic and allopathic methods
  • Delicious, fresh, made-from-scratch meals designed to bring back health and joyful nutrition
  • Spacious and serene campus enveloped by the stunning Catalina Mountains
  • On-site equestrian center; equine therapy, and daily interaction with our horses
  • Activities include yoga, hiking, acupuncture, music therapy, massage, and more.

We know it’s hard to start on the path to recovery, but the first step is simply talking to someone who is knowledgeable about effective treatment options. If you or a loved one are currently in crisis or need