I am so happy that I chose Sabino to begin my recovery. I have suffered for years from depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD. The programs that are offered here at Sabino have been truly phenomenal in helping me recover. I also appreciated the professional staff that are here on duty 24/7, which helps create a safe environment. Sabino Recovery uses effective “one on one” methods that meet each person’s individual needs because they evaluate and have a better understanding of your personal traumatic experiences. Thanks Sabino, I am truly grateful to you and the Sabino family.

– Regina

A beautiful facility! Staff sets the tone and kindness that residents easily follow. Thank you, Sabino Recovery!

– J.A.

The program at Sabino Recovery works! I emerged from an accumulation of unrecognized emotions, issues of trust, and unresolved grief and loss. 35-days of effective integration of customized quality therapy reconnected my mind, body, spirit, and I am worth it! I had masked emotions and hurtful events for decades with alcohol. At Sabino Recovery I safely focused deep within to unleash harmful secrets and self-degradation. Tools of recovery were practiced, not just presented. Integrative therapies were tailored to my circumstances, thus were effective. This residential program is like no other. For me, Sabino Recovery delivered what was professed. I am forever grateful for this gift of healing.

– Pamela

Sabino Recovery is a wonderful place full of healing period the staff really care about each person individually. they tailor the program to meet each person’s needs. I came in thinking I had no purpose, no reason to live, and 35 days later, I am in a completely different mindset. I have hope and a new lease on life. The campus is clean and modern period the food is delicious. It catered to any special dietary needs. I didn’t realize why I acted the way I did before coming here. I now understand so much more about how I got where I was and how to prevent myself from going back there. Five stars all the way.

– Kimberly

Life changing experience. Wonderful staff. Wonderful program. Thanks for everything!

– Mike

It was great to begin my recovery in a group environment with so many knowledgeable nurses, therapists, BHT’s, and others around for support. The equine therapy, challenge course, family week, and daily therapies all work together seamlessly, allowing me to leave Sabino as a healthier and stronger person!

– Darcy

Excellent care and love from all. Great staff. Very professional and caring. Thank you again for all the support and love you all gave me. I will never forget you all. Many thanks to the wonderful nursing staff. Love you all!

– Anonymous

Sabino Recovery and their entire staff did an excellent job with my substance abuse and trauma work. I am off tranquilizers after 40 years and have resolved my childhood traumas in a way no other therapist could have helped. All the staff was kind and friendly and I had a clean private room. The kitchen staff made great food and sugar free for me with no problem period this place is a treasure as far as treatment centers go!

– Anonymous

I had no context for what to expect when I first stepped on my path to recovery, health, and wholeness. Even the most basic principles you teach – compassion, kindness, and care – were outside of my daily language. Seeking help for anything never occurred to me, until I lost control of everything. Over my five weeks at Sabino, I came to learn a new language for my life: love, kindness, caring, compassion, and peace have replaced the anger, abandonment, and self-harm that were my vocabulary of choice. Your staff guides without pushing, teaches without force or fear and, at least for me, lights a path recovery I never thought to exist. I am forever grateful for Sabino Recovery, for the staff, and for the resources you offer. I came to the desert to, “get found” – it turns out I was right here the whole time, I just did not realize it. Thank you!

– J.Z.

Sabino was a quote God shot quote in my life. I will always cherish the healing, support, and comfort I was offered here. The staff are all amazing, the grounds are beautiful, and the food was excellent. Highly recommend!

– Jessica

Sabino Recovery healed me in ways that words cannot express. At Sabino, I was given the gift of life. I breathe with ease now. I feel balanced and whole. I am leaving with confidence. I feel peace, joy, willingness, and I’m grateful. My gratitude to all the staff at Sabino. Every single person at Sabino contributed to my recovery. All will be remembered in my heart and considered my family, forever.

– Anonymous

Sabino recovery was extremely helpful in my recovery process. The staff was very professional. Thank you, Sabino Recovery!

– Thomas D.

Sabino Recovery is an amazing place! The healing environment transformed my trauma into something that I could acknowledge and leave behind. Sabino’s amazing staff ensure that I received the services that best fit my individual needs. The location of Sabino is incredible! The desert and mountains showed me that nature can be a huge part of the healing process.

– Wendy

A caring, highly skilled staff, and astonishing variety of available therapies, a gorgeous desert setting, healthy, delicious meals, and lovely amenities, Sabino Recovery has them all. It’s a perfect environment for healing.

– Anonymous

Coming here was the best decision I made. I never expected the outcome to be so big. The support and care along with your needs and attention is amazing. It feels like one big family and everyone has your back. Thank you, staff, for all your hard and dedicated work.

– Anonymous

Sabino recovery gave me the tools I needed to heal and change my life. I am eternally grateful.

– Anonymous

Sabino saved my life. I’ve learned how to regulate my emotions and effectively ground myself, so I don’t have to use negative coping mechanisms. My therapist did amazing work with me. I found somatic experiencing, neurofeedback, EMDR, and equine therapy to be the most helpful for me, personally. The community and staff were all super loving, non-judgmental, and helpful. When I came in, I was having flashbacks and nightmares daily period now, I’m leaving Sabino without any. Who I was, compared to who I am now, is night and day. I came in with an eating disorder, plus self-harm, but now I can say I am successfully recovering from both. Sabino gets to the root cause of co-occurring disorders and addictions. They take a very holistic approach to healing. I loved the beautiful scenery and my nice room. I could go on and on and on…

– Anonymous

I came to Sabino confused and broken. My life had become unmanageable. The first four days I cried. I felt I did not fit in and wondered if I would ever love and feel put back together like those near graduation upon my arrival. I was scared and didn’t know who to trust, not even me. I was determined to leave a different person, than who I was when I showed up. Here are my lessons along the way at Sabino: 1. Slow down and let go of the outside world. 2. What others think about you is none of your business. 3. Attend each integrative with an open and willing mind and trust every process offered… there is a reason.
I took control of my recovery by reading all I could to understand my trauma, what had happened, and what caused my behavior. I further asked for additional homework related to my trauma. Staff with Sabino know what they are doing – “please jump in and trust this process.” I am now full of joy, love, and happiness. I leave here grateful and thankful…and a whole complete new person…permanently.

– Anonymous

When I came into Sabino Recovery I was a broken young kid. Then I threw myself into this amazing program here at Sabino Recovery with amazing/outstanding staff and amazing activities as well. I really enjoyed everything they did every single day and being somewhere where they loved me for who I am not because of what I did in my past. I will forever be grateful for everything Sabino has done for me and I will never forget it. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, and I will never forget all the memorable times and friendships I have made during my time at Sabino.

– Anonymous

I highly recommend Sabino Recovery to anybody in need of a good rehab. Great specialists here, highly trained therapists, and staff. Many alternative therapies average rehabs do not offer. Very clean, very safe, and a loving environment. Amazing food and a prime location at the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. This place has forever changed my life and I can’t be more grateful to have come here. Thank you Sabino family. You will always be in my heart.

– Colt C.

Sabino is a very unique facility that fosters open and honest communication from day one. There is a real sense of community with residents and staff that yields results for many types of trauma and addiction. You will get as much out of your treatment as you put in, plus much more. The staff is fantastic along with the accommodations and the food.

– Rob

The entire staff here has their own history of trauma and/or substance abuse. Thus, they can easily identify with the clients and understand their needs to get to successful rehabilitation. I was amazed to learn of this early in my arrival. My experience here was effective due to true professionals! This place may have saved my life!

– Charlie H.

I would like to thank everyone at Sabino Recovery. This wonderful facility changed my life forever. I came here due to the death of my son. I had PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety. I isolated myself from the world. I couldn’t even run my own business. Through my journey at Sabino and all the different styles of therapy, I began looking at life through a new set of eyes. Not only the staff but the residents here, you have become a family. I will forever be grateful for my new Sabino family. Thank you all for this life changing experience. Love to all!

– Tammy H.

How in the world do I summarize my experience here at Sabino Recovery? Life giving! The staff here are genuinely interested in the safety, growth, and recovery of each individual resident. The communication among staff regarding my history, needs, progress, etc is exceptional! In my 41 days I never doubted that I would be supported every step of the way along this (painfully) transformative process. I have been struggling with suicidal ideation for years … this is the first time I have hope that my SI is behind me. My treatment team here at Sabino made sure I was focusing on and addressing the root cause of my mental illness. I am leaving here on a firm path toward ongoing trauma recovery. Thank you, Sabino!

– Susan

I was trapped reliving a experience that happened three years ago. I have reached the end of conventional treatment. The staff at Sabino did not let me isolate and showed me that it was OK to talk to people. I feel alive again. My anxiety and panic still comes to me from time to time, but it’s not permanent like it used to be. I felt alone, always alone. I learned that there are others that are struggling with similar battles. I am leaving Sabino now better than I came in. Before, all I saw was darkness. Now I see light and light has warmth to it.

– Humberto

Sabino recovery was a perfect match for my needs. My personal therapist was extremely helpful in determining my many issues – alcohol abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and isolation behaviors. From the weekly one on one therapy sessions to the tri weekly process sessions, and the many integrative choices, I believe my five-week stay here fully benefited me. Thank you, Sabino Recovery.

– Anonymous

Sabino Recovery is such a calming and invigorating rehab center that covers all the bases from addiction to trauma to mental illness and well-being. The staff is incredible, the area is incredible, the community of fellow residents is incredible! This is my second home and always will be! Thank you, Sabino for giving me my life back!

– Anonymous

I cannot say enough great things about my experience at Sabino. The staff went above and beyond when it came to meeting my needs throughout the process of my recovery. The modalities used here are extremely helpful. Such as: Equine therapy, EMDR, neurofeedback, and more. The residents were also a big part of the healing process and I am so happy to be able to keep in touch and check in with one another in the future. Sabino truly became a second home for me. With all of the treatments and therapy I feel as though I am leaving with the right tools they gave me so that I can take on the world and live my life the way it was meant to be. If you or anyone you know struggles with trauma, depression, addiction, or anxiety, I highly recommend the program here at Sabino. You won’t regret it!

– Anonymous

My experience at a treatment center could not have gone any better. Staff were supportive and helpful. I was dealing with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. They have gone above and beyond for all of my needs and the nursing department was always available to help. Residents I have met I will remember for my whole life and will be life-long friends. Food was amazing. Food was fresh and made from scratch every day, all day. Safe living environment and rooms are luxurious. Thank you, Sabino for helping me find a way to happiness with horses and nature.

– Anonymous

This place saved my life. I didn’t think I could ever reach such a serene state, mentally, and this place and the process blew me away. I love Sabino and the staff – I don’t want to ever leave.

– Cassie

Sabino Recovery was a turning point for me. When I arrived I had crippling anxiety and little hope. Slowly, I began to connect the dots and understand how my trauma had affected me. The holistic approach and genuine love and patience from the professionals here made all the difference in the world. I am now ready to face my life, equipped with knowledge, confidence, and a toolbox of coping strategies to help me on the journey.

– Anonymous

For the first time in my life I felt safe. The atmosphere, surroundings, and staff allowed meeting to feel peace amongst the hurt and pain. The love, compassion, and empathy have touched my soul in a way I will never forget. Life is challenging at best but now I know there is a group of people that quote got me. Quote I am not cured but I am healing. With a family like this I can do anything.

– Joanie

My journey to health and happiness and an overall better quality of life has been long and winding and what seemed like never ending. When my life changed overnight from a catastrophic illness, I was immediately left to my own devices. Alone, terrified, lost, and confused. After finding the root cause of my illness, five years after the initial occurrence, I know my trauma and PTSD was deep. Before Sabino, I was desperate for help. Hopeless and defeated, Sabino saved my life. I had very little expectations coming in and it has surpassed all of my ideas of what recovery entails. I felt safe for the first time in six years at Sabino. I felt cared about deeply and felt the staff and therapists truly had me the entire time here. They knew my story, inside and out, and held a safe place for me to heal from years of trauma. The integrative therapies and mind/body approach to healing is truly the only way to do it. To see success and progress, Sabino mastered this. I’ve been around a fair share of medical professionals and therapies over the years and nothing I have done comes close to what Sabino offers. They care, they validate, they listen. You are seen here and you are heard. I can leave here feeling secure on my own with the tools I’ve learned and I will always have Sabino to lean on going forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of and facilitating my journey to health. I am forever grateful for this team. One of a kind.

– Sarah



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