Brandon Lee is a news anchor and recovering addict that celebrated 10 years of sobriety on 2-22-2020. This podcast is all about sharing stories of people who have suffered addiction & sharing their experience, strength, and hope. Brandon and his guests discuss topics such as child sex abuse, drug addiction, sex addiction, and trauma. Brandon believes that untreated trauma is the gateway to addiction. His podcast is designed to give hope to those who are hurting by speaking through an open and judgement free outlet. Brandon partnered with Sabino Recovery in December 2020 to bring a series of podcast episodes with the Sabino Recovery staff  to his listeners. Brandon and the Sabino Recovery team members discuss their journey and the work they do to aid those suffering with trauma and addiction.

CEO Thomas Isbell discusses his own experience with addiction and trauma and the path he took that led him to co-found Sabino Recovery

Ryan Young, Admission Director at Sabino Recovery, discusses his past with addiction and the journey he chose that led him to a career in recovery

Clinical Director, Shara Turner discusses how to find the right treatment center for you and highlights some of the key modalities at Sabino Recovery that separates them from other treatment centers.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aaron Wilson, discusses the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on those suffering with addiction and trauma, and highlights the scientific approach that Sabino Recovery takes to helping residents.