At Sabino Recovery we know that high quality, effective, trauma and addiction treatment cannot be improvised. We craft a targeted individualized treatment plan for you only after thoroughly assessing and understanding the ways that alcohol and drug addiction and trauma may have impacted you.

We take the time to carefully get to know each resident. Beginning with the first conversation with a member of our admissions team, we seek to understand each person’s unique needs with empathy and without judgment.

By keeping the number of residents we treat small, we are able to pay particular attention to the diverse history and specific needs of all residents, as well as ensure that the Sabino Recovery community remains safe, intimate, and nurturing. Throughout your treatment with us, your physical and emotional safety is our highest priority.

Exclusive and private and double rooms offer a comfortable, nurturing place to feel safe and at home. Throughout the campus, there are natural gathering spots that take full advantage of the stunning views and four-season outdoor weather. In the dining hall, you will find delicious, healthy selections – made from scratch. Healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared to accommodate any diet – vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and those who just want good old fashioned comfort food.

Comprehensive Treatment

The past, present, and future are all equally important to recovery and hold keys to unlocking resources and abilities one may have forgotten they had. The effects of trauma, alcoholism, and addiction are complex and play out in different ways for each person. Our approach balances accurate assessment and diagnosis with sophisticated treatment and careful discharge planning.

Emotional and Physical Safety

Sabino Recovery is a place of kindness, professionalism, and healing. Our treatment staff consists of carefully selected, highly credentialed, licensed individuals who work in a team environment to deliver care to our residents. Each employee at Sabino Recovery is carefully interviewed before being considered for our team. We handpick our staff not only for their experience and skill, but also for possessing a great deal of empathy, nurturing, and compassion. It is because of this careful selection process that we’ve created a remarkable environment of mutuality, kindness, and safety.



Our treatment program is shaped by the latest research in neuroscience. Each of the modalities that we employ is informed by what we now know about the brain, what we can learn about the particular individuality of each resident, and how we can craft a treatment plan specific to each resident.

Research on the brain has demonstrated that our most complex organ has the ability to rewire itself in response to experience. We know that over a period of time consistent, positive, empathetic, and compassionate experiences can rewire the brain, resulting in new and healthy neural pathways. This finding is significant for those suffering the pain and shame of addiction and trauma. That is why at Sabino Recovery, every aspect of our program has been developed to help our residents develop these new connections to bring about lasting recovery and healing.

The following steps work in conjunction to enhance the positive benefits of neuroplasticity. 

Repair: Eliminating toxins and addressing food sensitivities (focus on nutrition)

Stimulate: this prepares the brain to build new circuits and overcome learned non-use in existing circuits. The stimulation can be in the form of sensory experiences, mental experiences, and physical exercises to revive dormant cells helping the brain to better regulate. (Therapy/all modalities, physical exercise, sensory motor stimulation by invoking your senses in new ways not familiar to the person).   

Modulate: Activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system of health, growth, and restoration which is so important for homeostasis, or balance, within the nervous system. (Bio or neuro feedback is utilized.)

Relaxation: Once in a relaxed state, the brain is most available for learning. This state also helps sleep to improve. Mindfulness (meditation, yoga, body work and awareness)

Differentiation: Once the brain is modulated and relaxed, attention is restored and the brain is better able to discern increasingly subtle differences in sensory experiences and to integrate them accurately. Ongoing integration of provided information practiced daily. (Continuing care)  

QEEG Brain Mapping

Trauma, alcohol and drug abuse change the brain. There are also occasions when the brain has been injured and that injury will create behavioral health problems. Sometimes these elements are intricate, and it is hard to reach an accurate diagnosis. Sabino Recovery is the only trauma and addiction recovery center to offer QEEG Brain Mapping. This powerful tool allows us to measure the electrical function of the brain which provides a more accurate diagnosis and allows for prioritizing and optimizing treatment.

Brain Mapping assures us, and the residents of precise accurate diagnosis (such as ADHD, depression, PTSD, or brain injury, for instance) as well as helps accurately guide medication management. It can identify previously unidentified learning disabilities and learning styles as well as other important neurological and biological markers. This data immediately advances the ability of the clinical team to individualize the treatment plan for each resident that participates.

Brain Mapping is recommended by our treatment team when indicated. It is available for an additional fee.


Neurofeedback is a technique that focuses on helping a person train themselves to directly affect brain function. It provides a “mirror” for residents to see an unconscious process and then with practice to change brain signals, which changes the brain. This allows residents to increase or decrease certain brainwave activity while promoting healthier more adaptive functioning. While this sounds difficult, it is done by our expert facilitator with simple training. It is like learning a new skill or going to a personal trainer.

This type of therapy works at a deep subconscious level, breaking the cycle of trauma and post-traumatic symptoms. By identifying and training the areas of concern, we precision tailor sessions to help you shift out of these patterns and back into a natural, neutral state.

Neurofeedback gives the brain the tools to move past traumatic events – without having to talk about them, explore them, or relive them.

Neurofeedback is recommended by our treatment team when indicated. It is available for an additional fee.


Psychotherapy comes in many forms at Sabino Recovery. No matter how you engage therapeutically, the goal remains the same –To elicit a feeling of safety, process the past, and reconnect to one’s self, and the community. 

Our multidimensional approach takes advantage of a variety of research based modalities that include:

Individual and Group Psychotherapy


Somatic Experiencing

Equine Assisted Therapy


Naturopathic and Allopathic Medicine

We utilize both naturopathic medicine and allopathic, or Western medicine. We also employ allopathic providers to include psychiatric and psychology staff. The two medicinal philosophies are not in conflict but rather, work closely together to provide residents holistic addiction treatment and the maximum benefits of medical care.

Integrative Therapies

At Sabino Recovery, Integrative Therapies such as massage, acupuncture, art therapy, outdoor adventure, and yoga are not adjunct treatment; they are a critical part of the entire clinical program. These therapies provide important down-regulation of the hyperactive nervous systems for those who suffer from trauma, and anxiety as well as deliver mood-enhancing benefits to depressive symptoms. These modalities also help reduce impulsivity, improve focus and attention, and develop problem-solving skills. All of the integrative therapies at Sabino Recovery are prescribed and combined to fit into the complete master treatment plan for the resident, outlined by the primary treatment team and chosen in tandem with each resident.

Family Program

At Sabino Recovery we understand that lasting recovery for our residents depends on the involvement of those closest to them. We invite each resident, their families, and/or significant loved ones to participate in our Family Program – a three and a half day, experiential program designed to reconnect you with those individuals most important to your recovery. Our family program has been developed to provide family members the opportunity to gain insight into their family’s dynamics, and to support the honest and effective communication of fears, pain, and hope in a safe environment.

We emphasize not assigning blame to anyone during this time but rather encourage discovery and compassionate understanding of each other through safely guided exercises.

Continuing Care

Effective treatment is lasting treatment and the hallmark of an individualized treatment plan is how well it fits into your life. Preparing to engage in your life after treatment is as important as the treatment you receive. Being able to continue applying the new knowledge, tools and strategies learned in treatment is crucial.

As you move through the program, you and your therapist begin to understand what therapies you respond to and benefit from. This allows us to help you incorporate them into your everyday life at home.

You will have important questions to answer about your family, life, career, and continued recovery. Successful recovery means being prepared to leave treatment with a plan to address the issues that these questions present and the resources to create that plan.