Tana Von Isser, LMSW, CHT

Primary Therapist

Tana offers a compassionate and comprehensive approach to recovery. With education on the biophysical, psychological, social, and spiritual levels of wellness, Tana’s practice is both trauma-informed and holistic. She integrates therapeutic processes, coaching skills, and various modalities to support resident’s health and healing journey. She facilitates a process called Dance to Heal, utilizes Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping, is a certified hypnotherapist, and offers valuable insights from neuroscience on how exercise enhances brain function & emotional regulation.

Tana’s own life experiences give her added qualification when speaking to topics of ADHD/ neurodivergence, complex trauma, codependency, and addiction. So many of the tools implemented to address trauma and addiction are in fact useful life skills for all dimensions and walks of life. Such as having an empowerment mindset, effective communication, and cultivating adult consciousness with awareness of inner-child/shadow-work. Throughout all her endeavors, Tana has demonstrated a desire and commitment to support fellow humans in surviving complex issues and ultimately thrive through the ever-evolving trials and tribulations of life. She helps residents reprogram their subconscious (mind and body) such that healing and self optimization practices begin to be a loveable lifestyle.

Why I Do What I Do

“I derive a great sense of purpose paying forward the empowering tools and facilitation I do. It is a mutual and sacred gift being a guide for others stepping into the hero of their own story.”


Master of Social Work (MSW) – Arizona State University

Bachelor’s of General Studies: Social Behavior & Human Understanding – University of Arizona

Certifications & Trainings

The Grace Method® Hypnotherapy Certification

Motivational Interviewing Certification

Question. Persuade. Respond. (QPR) Suicide Prevention

Mental Health First Aid

Reiki I & EMDR in progress



Sabino Recovery