Stacey Gonzales, MS

Primary Therapist

Stacey is a firm believer in meaning and purpose and is passionate about taking a holistic approach to helping others create fulfillment in their lives. Stacey committed to personal development in 2018 and has since dedicated his life’s work to empowering others to live better. This involves closely looking at the whole human experience such healing from past emotional pain and trauma, navigating how the mind is affecting the current state, experiencing emotion in a healthy and effective manner, strengthening the body and brain, and much more. Stacey has experience as a mental health and high-performance coach where he helped clients create practical plans to live better by making daily and sustainable deposits into their psychological, physical, social, and spiritual areas of their lives. He has helped clients overcome mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and addictive disorders, and has worked with many populations such as children, elderly, families, couples, and groups. From his own experiences, Stacey can advocate for issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, addiction, family struggles, and many other sensitive topics. When he’s not working, Stacey loves to spend time with his wife and four children, working on his spiritual growth, or doing any kind of physical activity!



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