Clinical Therapist

My venture into the world of mental health starting when I was 16. My friend volunteered us to be members of the “Teen Hot Line”, a program where troubled youths could get one on one support with other people of similar age. Although we did good work, there was so many tragedies we also experienced. I believe these early experiences distended me to become a psychotherapist and art therapist in later life.

I am now working as an addiction and trauma therapist at Sabina Recovery Center. The path to becoming a therapist was not linear by any means. Prior to becoming a counselor, I work for many years as an environmental attorney and prior to that as a mechanical engineer.

Educationally, I have a bachelor’s in business administration and mechanical engineering. I have a master’s in environmental engineering as well as a JD and an LL.M. in intellectual property with a focus on art law. I also have a master’s in counseling and art therapy. I am a licensed professional counselor, licensed professional art therapist, a certified sex addiction therapist and a registered board-certified art therapist.

As an addiction and trauma therapist I am a certified sex addiction therapist and I have also obtained training in sex therapy. In seeking addiction recovery, to move into a more harmonious way of being, it is not always the case to simply stop a challenging behavior and then be done with it. Without examining what a more balanced sense of self might entail, life challenges will continue, hence my training is sex therapy as an augment to working with sex addiction.



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