Bill Coleman


Bill Coleman, Psychodramatist, has been practicing psychodrama for many years. He is Certified by The American Board of Examiners for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy as a Trainer. He did his early training in New York and internship at Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital. He was an Adjunct Professor at Russell Sage College where he created a course in Theater Therapy. He has specialized in Addiction and Developing Childhood Trauma. For ten years he was the Staff Psychodramatist at Sierra Tucson. He has published a handbook for clinicians named a treatment using art therapy for childhood trauma. He has presented widely including the Cleveland Clinic, Psychiatry Grand Rounds. He took some time off to write The Illustrated Guide To Psychodrama and most recently joined the staff at Sabino Recovery. Bill is also a Vet and during the Vietnam War was a Captain and Field Office Commander of a Counterintelligence Office in SE Asia as well as domestic assignments.


  • Masters of Social Work in Psychodrama, PTSD and Addictions- Fordham University




  • Owner- The Middle Way Inc.
  • Therapist/Psychodramatist- Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center
  • Psychodramatist- Sierra Tucson
  • Director of Psychodrama Training Institute- La Jornada Institute
  • Psychodramatist- Four Winds Hospital

Sabino Recovery