Heroin Rehab in Arizona

We know what a sinister drug heroin can be. Heroin is considered a class A drug, highly addictive and extraordinarily destructive, to both to the user and their loved ones. The physical dependency that develops is quick and severe. Even those who desperately want to be free of heroin may find it hard as they quickly find they cannot “choose” to stop using it – even at a very early point in their relationship with heroin. The addiction is progressive and deadly, which is why seeking heroin rehab is critical as soon as possible. Our Arizona heroin rehab center is here to help.

To fully recover from heroin addiction means so much more than the absence of drugs in a person’s life – true recovery means better health, the ability to find and give love and to live with peace and, even joy. At Sabino Recovery, we employ diverse therapy methods, grounded in neuroscience to provide you with your unique path to treatment. Heroin addiction can be complicated and only by understanding the cause are we able to effectively treat heroin addiction.

Your Program is Uniquely Yours

Careful assessment and comprehensive treatment is required for the chance to live a healthy sober life. At Sabino Recovery we know that high quality, effective treatment cannot be improvised. We craft a targeted, individualized treatment plan for you only after thoroughly assessing and understanding the ways that addiction has impacted you. Our program works to address not only the behavioral symptoms but the core issues driving these behaviors. Once we help resolve both, lasting recovery can happen.


When the brain is hijacked by drugs, will-power becomes powerless. Yet your brain is resilient and so are you. The treatment program at Sabino Recovery is designed to take advantage of neuroplasticity – your brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. These new connections can produce healthy decision-making, optimism, hope, trust, and lead to lasting recovery.

For some, using heroin is a way of medicating difficult emotions, experiences, and memories that are often connected to past trauma. For others, a genetic component may predispose them to develop a heroin addiction. The resulting damage to their lives, relationships, and careers leaves lasting scars. Regardless of the cause, addictions commonly co-occur with other disorders such as depression and anxiety.


Assessment includes a full medical evaluation, as well as a thorough understanding of your past use, recovery and relapse attempts. Your current health and your history will inform the detox and rehabilitation program we will build specifically for you.


Our detox protocol will be designed to avoid as much of the unpleasant and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as possible, while simultaneously supporting your emerging sobriety.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication is provided to manage symptoms such as muscle cramps, dehydration, and lack of sleep, to name a few. We will also prescribe Suboxone in some cases to assist with detox symptoms and when indicated for a better long-term outcome. Our preference is to have residents taper off of Suboxone before they leave our program, but because each individual is unique, so are our recommendations for treatment.

Naturopathic & Allopathic Medicine Approach

Sabino Recovery utilizes both naturopathic medicine and allopathic, or Western medicine. Our medical director is a naturopath and the use of nutraceuticals is encouraged because using nutraceuticals assists residents in healing without the use of pharmaceutical drugs which often create physical problems that add to the stress of the resident. In addition, we also employ allopathic providers of psychiatric and psychological services. The two medicinal philosophies are not in conflict; but rather, work closely together to provide residents the maximum benefits of medical care.

Naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer a person that is recovering from a recent addition. People that have been using heroin may feel blunted after they stop using. Mood support may include 5 Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). This is an amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter Serotonin. The neurotransmitter Dopamine is involved in the brain’s reward pathways. Dopamine levels may be supported by the addition of DL-Phenylalanine.

In addition to the clinical and psychotherapeutic modalities that we offer, our multifaceted, holistic program includes a general lifestyle reboot. This includes:

  • Wholefoods philosophy
  • Health assessment that utilizes lab testing with naturopathic interpretation
  • Sleep study if an individual continues to struggle with sleep after the acute withdrawal phase
  • Tools to address the underlying issues that contributed to substance use
  • Treatments such as massage and acupuncture that balance the nervous system
  • Opportunities for daily exercise
  • Connection and opportunities to have fun with others

Integrative Treatments

Another way to induce the body’s own production of neurotransmitters is via exercise and play and integrative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and Somatic Experiencing®, to name a few the integrative tools we provide to help those who are going through detox and throughout their stay with us.

Learn more about Our Approach to your recovery.