Neuroscience-Based Trauma, Alcohol and Addiction Treatment

At Sabino Recovery we know that high quality, effective treatment cannot be improvised. We craft a targeted individualized treatment plan for you only after thoroughly assessing and understanding the ways that addiction and trauma have impacted you.

Our 35-day residential program is based on the most current clinical research and is provided in a truly holistic, safe, and nurturing treatment environment. Beginning with your first conversation with a member of our admissions team, we seek to understand what it is like to be you, with empathy and without judgment.

When residents arrive, we work together to build the optimum therapy plan. This includes determining what therapies, modalities, and activities are best suited to each individual. Our assessment process produces a very carefully crafted, highly integrated treatment plan so that the healing can begin.


  • Neuroplasticity (retraining the brain)
  • Highly individualized treatment plan
  • Truly integrated, holistic therapies


  • Comprehensive treatment of trauma and addiction
  • Highly credentialed, licensed staff
  • Financing options
  • Single, private rooms with private bathrooms
  • Psychotherapeutic, holistic, naturopathic and allopathic treatment methods
  • Daily made-from-scratch meals
  • Spacious and serene campus
  • On-site equestrian center
  • Yoga, hiking, acupuncture, music therapy, massage, and more

We know it’s hard to start on the path to recovery, but the first step is simply talking to someone who is knowledgeable about effective treatment options. If you or a loved one are currently in crisis or need