We’re happy to announce that our podcast series, A Wise Mind is relaunching in late 2023. The following press release has been distributed to spread the word and we hope you come and join us as we endeavor to break the stigma of mental health and addiction disorders.

Sabino Recovery Re-Launches A Wise Mind Podcast Inspired by the “Change Direction” Mental Health Campaign

TUCSON, AZ – August 11, 2023 – Sabino Recovery, a premier mental health and addiction treatment center, is proud to announce the relaunching of their podcast, A Wise Mind. The podcast is part of Sabino Recovery’s ongoing commitment to breaking the stigma surrounding trauma, addiction, and mental health, inspired by transformative mental health initiatives like Change Direction.

“We have always admired the groundbreaking work of initiatives such as #ChangeDirection, which encouraged open discussions about mental health in America,” said Derek Gwaltney, VP of Business Development of Sabino Recovery. “Our podcast, A Wise Mind, echoes this mission, aiming to demystify complex topics associated with trauma and addiction and foster a safe space for compassionate curiosity.”

Initially launched in February 2022, A Wise Mind podcast seeks to educate listeners about the intricacies of trauma and addiction, fostering open conversations that many are hesitant to initiate. The podcast also explores the “Sabino Way”, discussing how their treatment facility adapts to an evolving industry. By answering commonly asked questions about trauma and recovery, Sabino Recovery intends to help individuals spot the signs of mental health issues and addiction while providing practical advice on how to help themselves or loved ones.

One of the inspirations for A Wise Mind came from the Change Direction initiative, which was born out of a desire to change the way we discuss mental health care in the United States. The campaign urged Americans to recognize five signs of emotional suffering, including personality changes, withdrawal, and feelings of hopelessness.

Sabino Recovery is driven by a mission to treat trauma and addictions comprehensively. Their dedicated and compassionate staff is committed to providing a place of trust and safety, empowering residents to make positive changes and provide holistic, integrated, and experiential treatments.

The podcast has been on hiatus while the Sabino team built out a new, state-of-the-art podcast studio. “A Wise Mind is another step in our ongoing efforts to spread awareness, educate, and support those who are dealing with trauma and addiction,” added Gwaltney. “Our investment into a professional recording studio to produce this series demonstrates our dedication to delivering the highest quality podcast in the industry. We are excited to continue the conversation about mental health and recovery, and we invite everyone to join us in this journey.”

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Community Response to the Podcast

“We applaud the relaunch of A Wise Mind podcast by Sabino Recovery. In Austin, where the demand for mental health and addiction resources is palpable, this kind of accessible educational content is invaluable. The podcast will surely break down stigmas and give people the tools they need to navigate their own or a loved one’s recovery journey.”

“Initiatives like A Wise Mind are exactly what we need to bring meaningful discussions about mental health and addiction to the forefront. In Fort Worth, many are still hesitant to talk openly about these issues. A platform that demystifies addiction and mental health can serve as a catalyst for positive change in our community.”

“We’re excited to hear that A Wise Mind is making its comeback. The issues of addiction and mental health are particularly pressing in New Orleans, and we’re always eager to support platforms that make this crucial conversation accessible to all. Sabino Recovery is doing important work in breaking the stigma and providing practical guidance.”

About Sabino Recovery

Sabino Recovery is a luxury trauma and addiction treatment facility nestled in the serene landscapes of Tucson, Arizona. With only 30 beds, Sabino provides an intimate and personalized healing experience, offering luxury amenities and private suites for ultimate comfort during your recovery journey. 

Our treatment programs, ranging from 35 to 90 days, are designed to provide individualized treatment through holistic integrative therapies in a setting that encourages restoration of hope and healing. Combining the expertise of our highly trained staff with an unwavering commitment to each resident’s wellbeing, Sabino Recovery embodies a sanctuary of trust, safety, and true recovery.

About the Change Direction Initiative

The Campaign to Change Direction, launched in 2015 by Give an Hour, is designed to change the conversation around mental health and emotional well-being so that all of those in need receive the care and support they deserve. The Campaign encourages everyone to pay attention to the emotional wellbeing of themselves and those around them – reminding us all that emotional health is just as important as physical health.