Clearing Up the Common Myths About Mental Health

Clearing Up the Common Myths About Mental Health The understanding of mental health issues is ever changing and evolving in different societies and cultures throughout the world. Although there has never been more increased awareness and available resources, there are still a lot of myths about mental health – perhaps...

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How To Support A Loved One with Depression

How To Support A Loved One with Depression We know it can be painful to watch someone you love suffering with depression. You don’t have to let them suffer alone – we have some ways you can support a loved one with depression and help them through this difficult time....

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Benzos or Passionflowers

Benzos or Passionflowers By Dr. Dawn Bantel, Medical Director Anxiety is one of the most common issues that our residents struggle with here at Sabino Recovery. Many times the anxiety is so severe that it results in panic attacks. This is especially true for those with a history of trauma...

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What the Chef Knows

What the Chef Knows I have personally witnessed a big difference in the population here versus the last rehab center where I worked for 6 years. As the chef, I try to stay clear of getting into the personal stories of our residents, but I have noticed a massive shift...

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Equine Therapy

As seen on US News & World Report Equine Therapy Holly Hansen, Sabino Recovery’s equine-assisted psychotherapist, recently sat down with US News & World Report Health Care to discuss her specialty. “I use horses to help folks heal,” she says. It’s part of a team approach that uses a mental...

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Game Changer: Naturopathic Medicine in Recovery

Game Changer: Naturopathic Medicine in Recovery Helping to form the foundation of Sabino Recovery’s therapeutic approach, naturopathic medicine is a pillar – and an important difference – of the Sabino recovery experience. Its founders knew that in order to provide a truly holistic and individualized treatment program, it needed to...

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