Our core program is 35 days in length. Depending on the needs of the resident, we are able to offer a longer length of stay (such as 45-90 day stays) if desired and clinically indicated. Shorter lengths of stay will be evaluated and determined by the clinical and medical director during intake. Stays can also be extended as many or as few days as needed after the initial program length, depending on what is best for each individual resident. 

Our residential program’s experience is one of excellence, compassion, and intensely personal care.

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Residential Program

The Sabino Way

CLINICALLY DRIVEN – We are privately owned which means we are able to make program and clinical decisions based on what is best for each resident rather than having to implement decisions based on corporate profit motive. We make program and therapeutic decisions centered on the needs of the residents.

OPTIMAL INDIVIDUALIZATION â€“ Treatment plans are developed around the very specific needs of each resident. There are no “treatment tracks” which means that every resident’s treatment plan is developed after the resident arrives. Progress is closely monitored and the multi-disciplinary team makes real-time adjustments to the resident’s treatment plan.

NEUROSCIENCE â€“ Our treatment program is shaped by the latest research in neuroscience. Each of the modalities that we employ support healing through leveraging therapies which boost neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. We are unique in that we offer QEEG Brain Mapping. This additional service is a powerful tool which measures the electrical function of the brain and in turn, provides data to prioritize and optimize treatment. Based on what we find in brain mapping, we also offer neurofeedback and biofeedback.

NATUROPATHIC APPROACH – We utilize both naturopathic medicine and allopathic, or Western medicine. Our medical director is a naturopath and the use of nutraceuticals is promoted to assist resident’s healing without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. We also employ allopathic providers of medical, psychiatric and psychology services. The two medicinal philosophies are not in conflict but rather, work closely together to provide residents maximum benefits of medical care.

INTEGRATIVE THERAPIES – Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, equine therapy, outdoor adventure therapy, massage, and acupuncture along with other integrative therapies are not adjunct treatment; they are a critical part of the clinical program. The quantity and variety of integrative offerings allow for more individualization of the treatment plan and more support for resident healing.

EXCEPTIONALLY SUPPORTIVE STAFF – Our staff are carefully selected, have a wealth of experience, and are remarkably devoted to our residents. They are chosen not only for their experience and skill but also for possessing a great deal of empathy and compassion, resulting in an exceptional environment for the healing of our residents.

PERSONAL, PEACEFUL, INTIMATE – Set on 110 acres of stunning and peaceful desert, our campus-style environment is safe and intimate. We keep the number of residents we treat small, so we can attend closely to each resident’s physical and emotional needs.


We see ourselves as an important step in our client’s continuum of care and work closely with referring professionals at each step of a client’s treatment. Once the necessary releases are obtained our clinical team is able to keep referring professionals informed about the course of a client’s treatment and to collaborate when appropriate.

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Regardless of where a facility is located, how beautiful its grounds are, or the claims made on its website, the soul of any facility lies with the staff. We encourage and invite you to not only call us to learn more, but also to schedule a visit so you can experience Sabino Recovery in a way that is just not possible by looking at our website or by talking to us on the phone.

How to Refer to a Client

Intake Coordinators are available at any time to discuss if Sabino Recovery is the right fit for your client. Our intake team works closely with our clinical and medical staff to make sure that the services we provide and the way we provide them are appropriate for any client we admit.