Family Program – Reconnecting with Loved Ones

At Sabino Recovery we understand that lasting recovery for our residents depends on the involvement of those closest to them. We invite each resident and their families to participate in our Family Program – a three-day, experiential program designed to reconnect you with your loved one. 

Clinical Director Shara Turner outlines the process of our Family Program further and breaks down the 3 and a half day process of initial treatment for those in recovery.

Our family program has been developed to provide family members the opportunity to gain insight into their family’s dynamics, and to support the honest and effective communication of fears, pain, and hope in a safe environment. It is through this that we prioritize the reintroduction of those in treatment to the family setting, ensuring they will be reentering a safe and understanding environment prepared to best help them in their path towards recovery.

Shara Turner, breaks down our Family Program, highlighting our 3 stage approach to trauma and the role it plays in reintroducing those in recovery back into a safe and understanding family environment.

The family program is both educational and psychodynamic. It supports you in sharing thoughts and feelings with your loved one in an honest and non-judgmental way. The program includes education about family systems as well as techniques you and your family members can use to communicate more effectively, which are core elements the Family Therapist at Sabino Recovery integrates into the work they do with residents. 

We emphasize not assigning blame to anyone during this time but rather encourage discovery and compassionate understanding of each other through safely guided exercises. Our experience has shown that when family members experience each other with a compassionate understanding they are able to break communication and relationship patterns that have lasted for years.

Shara Turner, Clinical Director at Sabino Recovery, highlights the role of the family therapist in the treatment process and how they interact with those in treatment.

How to Help

Alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD that accompany trauma are not only confusing for those who suffer from them, but also for family members and loved ones who want to help but don’t know how. The knot of thoughts, feelings, and emotions are difficult to untangle. You may not know where to start or what to do.

A website can only communicate so much. If you are worried about a loved one and want to know more about how Sabino Recovery may be able to help, please call and speak with one of our Intake Advisors. Sometimes it’s just good to know that hope is out there and help is available.

Shara discusses the family’s role in the treatment process and how crucial the education of family members is in successfully reintroducing those in recovery back into the family.


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