View of desert around campus

At Sabino Recovery, we just wanted to check in on everyone amidst all this craziness with COVID-19. We want to let you know that we’re here, and we’re open. We are taking new residents, and we want to encourage you to not let everything you’re seeing through news outlets and social media deter you from coming in and getting the help that you need.

We are doing everything we can, including taking all the precautions necessary to make sure that our residents are safe by protecting them from any outside influences during this scary time right now. Sabino Recovery is truly a sanctuary. We’re on 144 acres wedged up against Sabino Canyon, while most people are quarantined in their houses and apartments. Our residents have the ability to wander around our property, takes hikes out into Sabino Canyon. It’s a really great place to be.

On my way out of the office yesterday, a couple of residents expressed how grateful they were to be here while most people they know are stuck in their homes. We’re here and we want to help. Don’t hesitate to come in while the rest of the world is shut down and take the time to get better.